Professional Boat Ceramic Coating Services in Seacoast NH

Living on the New Hampshire Seacoast, boats are a common vehicle being towed up and down the coast, to the oceans and lakes all across New England. Sunny summer days come fast and few, but those memories on the boat last a lifetime. Keeping your boat in tip-top condition can be difficult and expensive, especially while trying to enjoy your time on it as well. The wear and tear on them are not just from the water. Barnacles, ocean life, rocks, salt, sand, debris and more can have effects on the exterior of your boat.

At Revolution Auto Salon, we specialize in ceramic coatings for boats. Our professional Ceramic PRO certified technicians are skilled in not only vehicle exterior protection, but boats as well. We understand the value of your boat, the time and care that goes into it, the price to taking good care of your investment. Ceramic coating is perfect for helping to keep the future maintenance to your boat’s exterior low and prevent future damage to it. Being out in the sun and water for most of its life, the boat’s exterior can fade, and the paint can lose its color, shine, and quality. With Ceramic PRO Coating your paint won’t fade or age due to the UV protection in the glass coating.

We will take care of your ceramic coatings for you so all you have to do is enjoy taking your boat out on the water and enjoying the beautiful Seacoast of New Hampshire.  Ceramic PRO Coating provides the highest and most up to date in boating protection. Your boat’s exterior and interior will be professionally protected and it will look as good as it runs for years to come!



Our Ceramic PRO Coating will provide a high quality, glossy finish that will provide protection and a beautiful shine out on the open seas. 


Ceramic coating provides high-quality protection and durability to your boat. The harsh sun, waters, debris, rocks, and animals can cause years of damage, and Ceramic PRO Coating will help protect your boat against all of it. 


Being the most versatile PRO coating on the planet, Ceramic PRO Coating can cover any part of your boat’s service with the utmost guarantee of protection, durability, and shine. Your boat’s exterior will be protected from all the potential damage from the seas. 


We pride ourselves on the peace of mind out Ceramic Pro Coating provides to our clients and their boats. The protection of your boats is our biggest priority, and we make sure the ceramic coating we use will last a lifetime. 


Long sunny days on the oceans and lakes can take a toll on your boat’s exterior. It’s exterior paint color, protection, and coating will fade, wear and tear over the years. Ceramic PRO Coating will protect your boat’s exterior from the sun’s harsh rays. 


Ceramic PRO Coating reduces the surface tension of gelcoat on your boat. This makes removing algae incredibly easy since it cannot plant roots into the pores of the gelcoat. Also, no more acids to remove tannin staining! 


Our Ceramic PRO Coating can be used as a layerable product. It starts with a penetrating foundation that will later build up and create a protective layer around your boat that seals your gelcoat.


What’s amazing about this product is that it is also “self-cleaning!” This protective layer reduces the surface tension of any dirt, oil, water, waste, etc that may contaminate your boat. No longer worry about staining, scuffs, or other marks on your boat’s exterior, now they will just wash away. 


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